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New types of mobility and the way in which applications are rolled out demand a better, faster and easier way to control the data center. Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is the answer! One of the fastest growing infrastructure consumption models; IDC estimates an 86% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). With NetApp HCI, you can offer your customers a solution that allows mixed workloads to be consolidated through the unique Quality of Service (QoS) concept, ensuring guaranteed performance. Scalability and automation will never be bottlenecks again in this Next Generation Datacenter. This is your chance to set yourself apart in the market as a NetApp HCI partner and take advantage of our momentum.

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We are ready!

We offer you:

  • Leverage the NetApp NGDC to extend the value of your solutions and to maintain or increase customer engagement.
  • Get proven block and file storage services.
  • Easily extend your core IT with new edge solutions.
  • Resell NetApp services, offer services from your distributor or your own services.
  • Along with selling NetApp HCI, you can generate revenue by being involved in implementing networking and by handling licensing of VMware.

Are you ready for Next?

NetApp HCI is the enterprise-scale infrastructure solution delivered on a NetApp designed architecture running on innovative SolidFire technology combined with VMware vSphere virtualization and ONTAP Select file services.

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